For the people who believe a little love, laughter, and hard-work go a long way. This is how a crappy idea turns into a reality:

A guy and girl met and fell in love in New York City after their first date over drinks at The Garrett East Village & dinner at the famous Miss Lilly's.
We never valued toilet paper. Used it everyday, but never thought twice about it.
We moved to Los Angeles, California with the excitement of a new city, new adventures, and new dreams.
The world shuts down.
We're in line at Costco at 5:47am to buy essentials for our new apartment and most importantly, toilet paper.
We both launched our own individual DTC brands and fell in love with the process of developing e-commerce brands, creating products that solve a problem, and building online communities.
The idea was born. We both have family members that we haven't seen in 10+ months and some of them are the “hard to buy gifts for” type. We wanted to send them a laugh and share some love with them. We made a “prototype” of The Number 1 Gift Package to send to his mom and she couldn't stop laughing when she received it.
Share Toilet Paper launches! Join us on this journey as we spread love and laughter by telling stories through our personalized toilet paper gifting service.